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Calculating keyword popularity, tracking app positions in search, monitoring keywords and competitor analysis based on artificial intelligence. You can contribute and join the development of this project

Asolytics: аналіз ключових слів конкурентів

ASO based on analysis of public information from various resources 

There are many ASO services in the world that solve various tasks related to search engine optimization in mobile app stores. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, one of the main disadvantages is closed data analysis algorithms, ASO specialist does not have access to raw data, most services do not know how the popularity of keywords is formed, there is no way to check the correctness of the algorithm. We create open source ASO automation software so that each user has full access to all data and algorithms, can offer their own functions or add their own code.

Basic functions of the tool

Positions in search

You can create a set of keywords and track the position of your app in Google Play search

Keyword popularity

The tool can analyze suggestions in the store, find derived keywords and calculate their popularity

Competitors analysis

Analyze by which keys your competitors are indexed, analyze their positions and the quality of ASO

Who is this tool useful for

Asolytics: ASO для інді розробників

For indie developers

📌Monitoring of app positions in search
📌Checking the indexing of the app
📌Collection of semantic core for different countries

Asolytics: ASO для маркетологів

For marketing specialists

📌Search and research of competitors
📌Analysis of similar apps
📌Monitoring of popular keywords

Asolytics: ASO для команди розробників

For the development team

📌Creation and automation of ASO
📌Research of competitors
📌Automation of data analysis
📌Opportunity to join the development

Asolytics: ASO Для паблішерів та агентств

For publishers and agencies

📌Analysis of market leaders
📌Tracking of installs
📌Search and analysis of the niche

How to start using

  • Install the auxiliary software
    For Asolytics to work correctly, you need to download the Firefox browser and Python3 
  • Asolytics is downloaded from the PyPi.org open source software repository
    To start the installation, open a terminal (cmd if using Windows) and enter the command:

            pip3 install asolytics

  • Wait for the download (the process may take several minutes)
    After installation, you can check the correctness of Asolytics using the command:

            asolytics --help

  • Having trouble downloading?
    Use the detailed instructions on GitHub or write to our  Telegram Chat

Analysis of search suggestions on Google Play

One of the most effective ways to collect the semantic core for your app is to analyze search suggestions in the app store. The more users write a keyword, the higher it appears in the suggestions.

To use the suggestion flag in Asolytics, use the --kay switch and specify the keyword as a parameter. The algorithm will recursively check all search suggestions and find all derived keywords that contain the original keyword. Based on their order and depth of recursion, the relative popularity of the found keywords will be determined.

Use the --gl and --hl keys to specify the country and language.

The number of derived suggestions is one of the criteria for determining the popularity of a keyword. The popularity of a keyword is always directly proportional to the number of derived suggests, so the more suggests are found, the more often users use this keyword in search, and the more traffic it can bring.

Asolytics: suggests парсер ASO keywords

Search for trends on Google Play

To determine the most popular keywords on Google Play, use the --trends option. To specify the country and language, use the --gl and --hl options. The table will display trending search queries and their relative popularity. The algorithm sequentially substitutes letters of the alphabet and collects the most popular suggestions.

Asolytics: трненди в Google Play

Competitor analysis

You can get a lot of additional information about your competitors on Google Play by using the --average option with the package ID of the app you want to analyze. Asolytics automates the analysis of public information sources.

You will get the following data:

  • Total number of ratings on Google Play
  • Number of installations on Google Play
  • Average number of app installations per day
  • Average number of ratings per day
  • App revenue for the last month
  • Countries from which the app receives the most traffic
  • Country of origin of the app
Asolytics: аналіз конкурентів

Tracker of positions in search

The software allows you to track the position of the application in Google Play search by specified keywords. To start this function, use the --tracker option. Keywords are passed as a parameter, separated by semicolons (for example, "workout at home; fitness; fitness plan"). Alternatively, the keywords can be loaded from a file using the --file option, with the path to the keyword file passed as the --tracker parameter. As the --id parameter, pass the bundleID of the program whose positions you want to track To specify the country and language, use the --gl and --hl options.

If you use a keyword file, make sure that each keyword in the file starts on a new line

Asolytics: трекер позицій по ключовим словам в Google Play

What keywords are competitors indexed by?

You can extract keywords used in the metadata of any app. To do this, you need to use the --extract option and pass the bundleID of the application you want to analyze as a parameter. Asolytics uses artificial intelligence to recognize keywords in:

  • title
  • short description
  • full description
  • user reviews

The table will display the position of the app in Google Play search for all found keywords. To specify the country and language, use the --gl and --hl options

The bottom of the table shows the indexing coefficient of metadata, the higher it is, the more traffic this app receives

Asolytics: По яким ключовим словам індексуються конкуренти в Google Play?

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